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Lexia Reading

Lexia Reading is an award-winning, research-proven software program that helps develop and strengthen reading skills. Students use the program in their classrooms and during technology lab.  The recommended usage is 45 minutes per week for K-4.  Students use the program for 20 minutes/week in school, so we ask families to provide an additional 20-30 minutes at home.  

Lexia runs on desktop computers and on iOS and Android devices (ie: tablets, Smartphones).

Running Lexia on Your Computer

There are two options for running Lexia on your computer; it can be downloaded and run locally, or used on the internet through a browser.  The browser version is preferable because all fixes and updates are made to it first.  To access Lexia on the web, please use our Millis Lexia link:

Running Lexia on Your Tablet or Smartphone

The APP is available on the iTunes store as a free download. You can find it here:  

The first time you run Lexia on your tablet you will be prompted for your teacher's email address.  If you do not know your teacher's email address, you can use Mrs. Granchelli's -

Please allow your child to work independently so that teachers can see an accurate assessment of each student's progress.

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